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Bansi Gir Gau Ghee Benefits

Benefits of Gir Gau Ghee: • Normalizes Vata (consists of air and space and is known to govern the mind and body) and Pitta (consists of Fire and water and governs the metabolic activities within the body) humors. Nourishes the body. • An excellent home remedy to improve digestion and cure constipation. • Brain tonic - excellent for improving memory and intelligence. • Anti-cancer properties - having power to stop growth in cancer cells. • Strengthens immune system and vitality. • Good for voice, eyes and vision. • Good for building stamina. • Excellent for glowing skin. • Excellent for increasing appetite.

Gir Gau Ghee is prepared from A2 milk obtained from Gir Cow using the ancient Indian practice. According to ancient Indian treatises, the calf is allowed to feed to its satisfaction from two Udders (Anchals), while the remaining two can be used to obtain milk for other living beings including humans. We never get rid of older non-lactating Cows (Gaumata or male calves). Our cows are reared unrestricted according to principles of nature, and left to grace on an organic field. We do not use modern artificial interventions to induce breeding or increase milk production.

Gir Gau Ghee is an outcome of a long process that begins with strict standards of maintaining purity of breed & their genetic diversity, non-exploitative, offering pure & ethically grown feeds to the cows, adhering to ancient Indian practice of milking and finally making the Ghee using the science of Indian cooking is rooted in its traditions. A2 cow ghee is referred to as the golden treasure of health in Ayurveda. When the ghee is prepared by traditional and animal-friendly Vedic techniques, the purest form of ghee is achieved. At Bansi Gir – Cows are fed a variety of foods which include grazing on land nurtured with pure & natural manure, ethically grown fresh greens & dried plants and feeds specially prepared using non-GMO cotton seeds, corn, millets, jaggery, Ayurvedic herbs, etc. Here, Ghee is made from pure breed desi Gir Cows. As a result, the Gir Gau Ghee tends to be less yellow in color. The Cow ranch (Gaushala) has a large population of cows belonging to very rare breeds, whose Ghee turns into a characteristic white color. Ghee changes color as it ages and becomes whiter as it gets older. This is completely natural, and in fact highly desirable in Ayurveda. The less yellow or whiter the Ghee, the more potent it is considered to be. Old Ghee alleviates intoxication, fainting, poisoning, fever, epilepsy and pain.

One popular confusion among consumers pertains to the color of Cow Ghee, which people presume to always be a distinct yellow. Here is what we recommend what consumers should look for.

· Ghee from whole milk of indigenous breed of Cows

· Cows looked after in accordance with non-exploitative Vedic traditions

· Prepared by the science of Indian cooking method.

Ghee is one of the most Divine foods available to mankind, one which improves physical strength, intellectual vigor as well as spiritual purity. Choose wisely and stay healthy!

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